Rokugan is on the brink of an all out war . . .

There are those who would make you believe that everything is fine. And on the outside, that is correct. But deep within the inner workings of the empire, it is rotting. Add to that the ever present threat from the Maho Pit, Clan Tensions, and assassinations, what hope does a young Samurai have of living a full life?

A band of unlikely hero’s – those that honor has left them at the wall at Carpenters Pass, have banded together on a mission to help counter a dreaded plot at the wall to weaken it’s location. Supplies have been tampered with – and what’s worse – it appears as if area’s are being run by impostors. Now they have been put under the direct order of the Crab Clan Champion and are waiting word from their Daimyo’s for permission to travel to the capital to meet with the Emperor.

Of Honor and Conflict (L5R)

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