Of Honor and Conflict (L5R)

Session 3 (the long one)

This session involves all the in-between activities up until we began logging the info.

The group was entrusted with two messages and the urns of their fallen brothers-in-arms to deliver – one message for the crab clan champion at Kyoden Hida, one message for [[:Empress Iweko]], plus the urns of Akku and Isawa Rin.

Traveling to the Kyoden Hida, they encountered the first town to be abandoned, and it appeared to be for an extended amount of time. They also discovered there a lone zombie, shambling amongst the town. They dispatched it quickly, then found a half burned man in a shack. Feeling the need to cremate him – they erected a funeral pire for him and left the city limits, as to not draw further attention.

A showing of ghosts came, and shortly after, a Lost was standing over the pire, pulling a box from within the pire. The group went on to confront the Lost, who revealed itself to be a shape chaning female, with the ability to seduce the noble minded Mirumoto Hanzu into attacking the necklace within the box that had hurt her. They won the battle, her shifting to dust and blowing away.

Utaku Rokotsu Johnson Travelled back to the Carpenters Pass to meet with Hida Fubatsu on what has transpired. Fubatsu gives Johnson another scroll after they discover that the food supply for the pass has been tainted.

They traveled on to a second town, finding another puzzle box, containing a set of bracers of the same dragon scale like material. At night, Will-o-wisps fill the open fields.

They travel on, taking refuge at another Dragon Shrine along the way.

Dates in game: Hare 5 through Hare 10
Experience Gained: 15 (3 sessions)


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