Of Honor and Conflict (L5R)

Session 4 - The remainder of the walk

Session on 11/16/12 Notes:

  • Party began at another abused Dragon Shrine
  • Came to abandoned town with monastery
  • Hidden in Monastery was a mummified girl holding a puzzle box and 4 months of grain
  • Group held off burning the body and it rose to battle the group on watch.
  • Group set out to Hida Castle and Utaku Rokotsu Johnson opened the Puzzle Box
  • Found that the Bracers, Gorget, and Pauldron are a linked set
  • Plan to send Hida men to transport grain to wall
  • Scribed by Dave

The town was slightly larger then the last two, having it’s own monastery with outer walls. They found a secret room underneath where the monks had been storing grains. A little girl had died down there and lack of moisture had mummified her. Bringing her to the surface, they where going to use the pire at the monastery to cremate her. The box held the shoulder pieces of the set. The girl later rose up and attacked Kitsu and Kakita Ryomatsu. After her defeat, Ryomatsu curious about the magic, tried to pull the mask off, but pulled the girls face off.

Session on 11/30/12 Notes:

  • Left Monestary in the Third village
  • Traveled for 1 day, met Sho, a peasant farmer/craftsman. Informed Sho that his family and village had been destroyed
  • Encountered 30 Hida Clan Bushi headed for the wall. Alerted them to the danger, gave them Sho as a guide and instructions on how to access the food stored in the Third village so they can transport those to the Carpenters Pass
  • Travelled to Crossroads town; Monk identified the Lost from the first town as the bride of Fu-Leng. Found the chest piece in the monestery. Mirumoto Hanzu exchanged his nodachi for it.
  • Left for Kyoden Hida, arrived, and went in to meet with Hida Kisada II
  • Scribed by Matt

Sho was in the crossroads town for the winter, gathering supplies. He was travelling back and was not effected by what had went on. He was VERY uneasy with the samurai in his midst – but went along with everything they instructed him to do. The troupe of Hida men took him and went to go retrieve the food. At the town, they where met with all the luxury’s they are accustomed to, finally getting baths. Most stayed at the Geisha House. It was the Monk that informed them of the Bride of Fu-Leng, and who gave them the puzzle box. They traveled form their, refreshed, to the Kyoden Hida

Time in Game: Hare 10 – Hare 18
Experience Points: 14 (8 and 6)


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