Of Honor and Conflict (L5R)

Session 5 - The Meeting with the Champ

Party, meet Little Bear. Little Bear, the Party.

Session Notes:

  • Met with Hida Kisada II
  • He determined us non-threat
  • Determined the letter were to get us killed, shaming Hida in the process
  • Established a means for the letter to be delivered to the empress by Hida
  • Revealed Hida Fubatsu is an impostor.
  • No taint in the urns
  • Party to be vasals for Hida, given daimyo’s aproval.
  • Komori Kento is looking for clues for the Dragon Armor
  • The party will be “dead” and travel through Crab Clan lands incognito.
  • Scribed by Adam

The party was allowed to clean up and wait for Hida Kisada II. Very formal introductions where made, and the first scroll was presented to him by Doji Makoto. Upon reading it, he tested their intent by intimidating them, given that the letter was a trap for him to kill them. Seeing them as little threat and that they had no knowledge on the situation, Hida set out to look at the other note that Utaku Rokotsu Johnson had. This note said to spare them – an obvious double trap to dishonor the champion. Feeling that the third letter for the Empress was also an issue, Hida decided to be the bearer of it, seeings how the dishonor is in his terittory. Hida showed them the urn of the actual Hida Fubatsu, and they where met by Komori Kento who will help them in contacting their Daimyo’s. Kakita Ryomatsu was so bothered by the thought of playing dead and taking off their Mons that he had it Tattooed on his back.

Day;s in game: Hare 18
Experience Points: 6


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