Of Honor and Conflict (L5R)

Session Two - war at the wall

The session began with two newcomers, Mirumoto Hanzu and Isawa Makoto coming to the wall.

As they all meet with the new general, a warning is yelled from the wall as a drove of 2000 of shadowlands denizens are attacking the wall.

the entire gorup survived, needing a well deserved rest before leaving with their fallen comrades ashes and a message for the emperor.

Total XP Earned: 15 (5 per session, plus 5 for ending an arc)
Time Progression: 5 days (2nd day of Hantei through the 6th, 1201)


It was very cool. This is one system where I don’t fear mass combat.

Session Two - war at the wall
mrwonx mrwonx

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