Tattooed Monk


Akku is a 5’4 178lb figure a portly build. He wears a sleeveless shirt which is usually shrugged off his shoulders to leave his torso bare and a pair of loose pants. His head is shaved smooth and his eyes are blue though his left eye’s blue iris is lacking a pupil. His left forearm has a brilliant flame tattoo wrapping around it while his right has a bracer made of tattooed bamboo designed to look like armor.


Akku’s family was originally from the Crab Clan. His Grandfather was accused of fleeing a battle but no one could prove it. The scandal dishonored the family. His father attempted to restore honor to the family name but also suffered accusations of cowardice. Akku has 4 older sisters but when he was born with a milky eye that lacked an iris the local Temple declared it an Evil Eye and stated it was proof that his family was dishonored. Akku’s family was forced to leave their home in disgrace and eventually settled into the mountains near the Dragon Clan. Akku was going to be left out to die but a passing Monk saw the family about to abandon him and demanded the baby for his Monastery, claiming he sensed a great destiny in the boy. Akku was raised within the Monastery as a tattooed monk and while he knows his family, his connection with them is deeply strained as they consider him a blight on their family honor. He has set out to the Wall in an effort to prove that he is not a coward and to try and atone for his birth.


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