Hida Kisada II

Crab Clan Champion


Ichiro was the son of Hida Kuon and Hida Reiha. He took the name of his great-grandfather Kisada upon reaching his gempukku, becoming Hida Kisada.

In 1165, when he was no more than four years old, he was at Kyuden Hida and told Hiruma Todori that they would break the Wall of Bones together. His mother believed he spent too much time in Koten, listening to the grim adventures of his ancestors

In 1166 Ichiro was happy with the return of Hida Kisada, a Crab hero. He was at Sunda Mizu Dojo when a Unicorn student, Shinjo Senichi, spoke ill about Kisada’s return. Ichiro broke the teeth of the fourteen year old boy and fought with Senichi’s fifteen year old brother, Shinjo Ryo, earning a swollen eye. Ichiro met Kisada and his great-grandfather was proud of him. After the death of Iuchiban Kisada retired with Ichiro at Koten, to train his great grandson

Ichiro was initially sent in 1167 to train with the Unicorn Clan as his father had. The Shinjo family and Moto family both lobbied for the honor of his studying at their schools, but Ichiro’s mother asked the Utaku family to oversee the training. The Moto were however tasked with the teaching of cavalry warfare, and the Shinjo with tracking and survival, before Ichiro joined the Utaku Meadows. The Unicorn offered the Crab clan a full chest of jade in recognition of the honor given to the Unicorn

Ichiro was a brash child, and ventured to the Kaiu Wall to see the Shadowlands from there. In 1168 during one of these forbidden visits the wall suffered an attack of oni during the Time of Demons. A red fog remained over everything and a bushi beside him, Hida Tsubaru, was injured and a black viscous liquid covered his mouth and neck. An oni was prepared to kill Ichiro, but the beast was killed by the timely arrival of Kyofu, the Onisu of Fear, the monster that had been Ichiro’s uncle Hida Kuroda. Kyofu no longer looked like the Onisu, he was handsome, though his flesh was strangely discolored. He was taken prisoner and requested an audience with Ichiro’s father. Kyofu asked to be given command of the Damned so that he could lead a force against the oni. After his intentions were verified by Omen, the Oracle of Jade, Kyofu commanded the tainted crab in the Kyofu’s Last March.

In 1171 after weeks of relentless oni attacks, the Destroyer’s Horde arrived overwhelming the exhausted samurai and breached the Kaiu Wall, letting hordes of Destroyers pour into Rokugan. Kuon was wounded in a personal duel against the leader of the gaijin demons, the Rakshasa General. It was the start of the Destroyer War. Ichiro was moved away from Kyuden Hida.

Despite his relatively small size, Ichiro was a prodigy with the blade and, by unanimous account of all his sensei, one the greatest warriors of his generation. Ichiro underwent his gempukku in the spring of 1171, a full year ahead of his contemporaries despite being small for his age. He took the name of his great-grandfather Hida Kisada, and had since served alongside warriors older, larger and stronger than him.

In 1171, following the fall of the Kaiu Kabe to the forces of the Destroyer, Kuon was made to answer for the failings of the Crab Clan by Empress Iweko I. Kuon offered to seppuku to cleanse the shame from the Crab, and his request was accepted. He was however allowed to die a Crab’s death, leading a hundred volunteers in an attack on an occupied section of the Carpenter Wall. Koun passed leadership of the Crab Clan to his wife Hida Reiha, until such a time as Kisada would be old enough to assume leadership, and marched upon the wall. Reports returned to the Imperial City of Kuon’s valiant stand and death on the 17th day of the Month of the Rooster. Kisada’s mother Reiha became the Clan Champion, and departed with his brother Hida Ren to the Islands of Spice and Silk to attend winter court at Kyuden Gotei. Kisada remained at the side of his uncle Hida Benjiro.

Kisada became the Crab Clan Champion, and he earned the nickname of Little Bear.

In 1198 Kisada was visiting a secluded valley with an abandoned castle within. The Plague Guard kept the valley guarded, and the Legion of Purity struggled against the current holders of the castle, enemies of the Crab. There, Kisada was informed that a forge in the Northern Crab provinces had been attacked, and the only corpse not found was Hida Togai, the Crab who was a reincarnated Naga and the finest blacksmith of his generation. There have been other such disappearances of late. Most are in some way at least remotely connected the Naga.

Hida Kisada II

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