Mirumoto Hanzu

Mirumoto Bushi


Stamina 3 Willpower 3 Earth 3
Strength 3 Perception 3 Water 3
Void 2
Intelligence 3 Agility 3 Fire 3
Awareness 2 Reflexes 3 Air 2

Defense 4 6k2
Iaijutsu 2 5k2 + 7
Kenjutsu (Katana) 7 10k3
Lore: Shugenja 1 4k3
Meditation 2 4k2
Theology 4 7k3
Perform (Flute) 4 7k3
Investigation 1 4k3
Lore: Theology 3 6k3
Tea Ceremony 2 4k2

Light Armor +5 TN DR 3
Health: 57
Katana 3k2
Wakazashi 2k2


Hanzu is a quiet, studious young man who works hard at whatever skill he has been told is important for him. He stands 5’10 and his lean frame weighs 169lbs. His silver hair is kept in a topknot and his eyes are a light gray, despite his dark skin tone. He is 22 years of age and has fought in several minor duels.

Hanzu’s branch of the Mirumoto family has served with distinction in several major conflicts over the generations. His Grandfather fought alongside a proud family from the Crane Clan and struck a blood oath that their families would always be friend and would bind themselves tightly. Mirumato Roshi was a slim fierce warrior and his friendship with Doji Gen was very strong. Both men were married to beautiful wives and soon had children. Unfortunately for their desires Roshi & Gen both had sons but no daughters. The next generation was more successful however. Into it was born Hanzu and 4 years later Ryosha was born to the Doji family. The 2 were betrothed at her birth. Roshi passed away when Hanzu was 10, leaving the boy with a love of his family history and a dedication to his family duty. Roshi’s wife however attempted to slow, delay and prevent the wedding as much as she could, though no one truly knew why. She finally passed away when Hanzu was 20. At this time, with Ryosha at age 16 they were formally introduced to begin the process. As a gift Ryosha presented Hanzu with collected poems, journals & stories her family had from the war Gen & Roshi fought. Hanzu, being a dedicated student of his family history discovered some uncomfortable hints and clues which allowed him to piece together an awful truth. His grandmother and Doji Gen had had an affair. Hanzu’s father was the son of Doji Gen, not Roshi. Ryosha was the daughter of Hanzu’s father’s half-brother. This put Hanzu into a deeply conflicted state. To reveal the truth, that Ryosha was his close cousin, would dishonor his Grandmother, his Grandfather and Doji Gen and his descendants. Yet, to marry her would be to lay with a close blood relative, something he found reprehensible. Hanzu decided the best course would be to live honorably and stall the wedding as much as possible, to act just distastefully enough to Ryosha that his family would Betroth her to his cousin instead, who was descended from Roshi’s 2nd, trueborn son. Unfortunately Ryosha decided that Hanzu must deeply love her, and simply needed to be shown the way and refused to be put off. Her younger brother though challenged Hanzu to a duel. By this time, at age 21 Hanzu was an accomplished swordsman of the Mirumoto Bushi style, her brother, was not. The duel would have ended painlessly had the boy not recklessly twisted and turned a disarming move into a blow that sliced open his forearm from wrist to elbow, causing him to bleed out rapidly. Hanzu has declared that he cannot marry Ryosha until he has cleaned his honor of the stain of accidently killing her brother.

Mirumoto Hanzu

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