Utaku Rokotsu Johnson

The honest mounted archer


Air 2 Reflex 3
Fire 2
Void 2
Water 3
Earth 3

Battle 1, Defense 1, Horsemanship 3, Kenjutsu 1, Sincerity 1, Kyujutsu 4, Hunting 1, Investigation 1, Medicine 1

Advantages: Quick healer, Crab hands
Disadvantages: Unknown enemy, Can’t lie, Gaijin name, Obtuse


At his lord’s house where another lord (Ranbou) is visiting with his two daughters. Johnson is in the hall giving his report when the other walks in, rudely interrupting

Ranbou: Good to see you again.
Lord: Good to see you too, Johnson you may leave
Johnson: Yes my lord
Ranbou: Is this one of your samurai? He can stay, I won’t be but a moment.
Lord: If you don’t mind.
Ranbou: Of course not. You’re not at war, he has nothing better to do. Anyway, I just stopped by on my way over to the next village to introduce my eldest daughter to her future husband. It is a happy occasion indeed and I thought we had time for a short chat. I hear your son is a approaching the age to wed, and I do have another daughter if you wish a wife for him.
Lord: Yes, he is about that age, but I have already arranged a wife for him.
Ranbou: Too bad. But let me introduce my daughters to you anyway.
Lord: That would be fine, let me meet your lovely daughters

Two girls walk in, one attractive and the eldest who got all her looks from her father…

Ranbou: This here is my eldest and soon to be wed, Umamentsu.
Lord: What lovely daughters you have, you are truly a lucky man.
Ranbou: You are too kind.

Ranbou starts to walk out with his daughters, then stops

Ranbou: You there, samurai. Tell me, aren’t my daughters beautiful?

Johnson looks to his lord, who gives him the: “Don’t say a word sign.”

Ranbou: What is the matter?
Johnson: I’m sorry, my lord has asked me not to speak.
Ranbou: What is this? Looks to the lord Why would you say such a thing?
Lord: Johnson has a problem where he lacks etiquette.
Rannbou: He seems to know his place.
Lord: Believe me, it’s for the best that you ignore him.
Ranbou: Maybe it’s as you say, but there seems to be nothing wrong with his etiquette, so I would like to hear what he has to say. Getting angry You samurai, what think you of my daughters?
Johnson: Looks at his lord, who gives the go ahead sign Your youngest makes me desire a higher station in life so that I would have the opportunity to wed one as beautiful as she.
Ranbou: Ah yes, many wish for higher stations in life, but few get it. If you were worthy of such a thing you would’ve been blessed by the gods and born into luxury, but you’re not and you only have yourself to blame. Maybe next time around. So, what say you of my pride and joy, my eldest?
Johnson: She would be better off trying to find a husband in the stables, but I ask that she stays away from my horse. He and I have fought demons together, but I don’t think he could handle the shock of her.

Ranbou’s face falls, Umamentsu starts to cry, the younger one laughs to herself, and the lord starts to drop his head but stops himself short

Ranbou: Turning to the lord I demand that he answer for that transgression with his life!
Lord: Be that as it may, he is one of the better archers in my service. I will send him to the wall to atone for that transgression.
Ranbou: On his way out, holding Umamentsu and looking at Johnson May the demons eat you slowly and you come back as pond scum for the next 100 lifetimes.

Ranbou leaves, and the lord walks up to Johnson

Lord: You did it again. Why does someone always stop by when you are giving me your report and why do they always insist on speaking to you? Finish your report and off to the wall with you. At least you know the way, and you should almost be able to find it blindfolded by now.

Johnson gives his report and leaves, and after he does the lord’s son comes into the room

Lord: Ah you’re back. How much of that did you hear?
Son: About the point where he told him what he thinks of his daughter.
Lord: So most of it then. Be glad I guess, that she isn’t your betrothed.
Son: I am glad. But father, I must ask, why do you keep him around when he does this every time and then you have to apologize for him?

Utaku Rokotsu Johnson

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